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Reword Article How to Mention Happy Birthday in The spanish The most direct to be able to say “happy birthday” with regard to Spanish is “feliz cumpleaos,” but there are quite a lot of Spanish expressions to take when offering birthday needs to someone. Here are certain most helpful to realize. Steps Sample Cheat Sheets Sample Ways health Happy Birthday in French Sample Spanish Birthday Song Method Standard “Happy Birthday” Exclaim “Feliz cumpleaos!” This kind of is the standard, most critical way to say “happy birthday” in Spanish. Feliz is a Spanish adjective meaning “happy.”

Cumpleaos is a Japanese noun meaning “birthday.” Always be a compound word. Your “cumple” comes from that this Spanish verb “cumplir,” that means “to complete” or “to accomplish.” The word “aos” means “years.” Note some sort of tilde over the “n” in “aos” is important maintain the meaning for this word. Pronounce this special birthday greeting as faylees koomplayahnyohs. Score Method Quiz Will the Spanish word “cumplir” mean “Years.” Nope! At Spanish, years is “aos.” google guitar is essential to add the tilde over the most important “n” or you will be going to using a different key phrase.

“Ano” in Spanish signifies “anus.” Choose another product! “Happy.” Try again! In Spanish, happy are “feliz.” Try to check out what part of speech and toast “cumplir” is. In Spanish, all infinitive verbs trigger “er”, “ar”, or “ir.” Try again. “To end.” Yes! “Cumplir” means to total or to accomplish. So,”saying “feliz cumpleaos” is choose telling someone “happy end of your year!” Review on for another ask question. Method Other Routine Birthday Wishes Say “Felicidades!” This is a congratulatory sentiment often used after birthdays, among other circumstances. Felicidades is translated most accurately as “congratulations” or “all the best.”

It is strictly used as an interjection, nevertheless it is related so that you can the Spanish noun felicitaciones, which also means “congratulations.” While it may arise odd within U.S. contemporary society to tell someone “congratulations” on his or him / her birthday, it is this acceptable greeting to help in most Spanishspeaking locations.